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Dancing Ganesh146 viewsGanesh is dancing IN Love.
GANESH140 viewsThe knowledge and free will God
Ganesh on Mouse122 viewsWhen reading about Ganesh Baba, one of the terms we come across is ‘mooshak vaahan’. He is that Lord whose vehicle is the mouse. But, how could that Lord who is Vighnahartaa (Remover of Obstacles) and Gyaandaataa (Giver of Knowledge) ride upon a mouse? Surely there must be some other creature that will better reflect His greatness? Those who simply look at the physical representation of the Lord, and fail to search deeper into the hidden significances of such a representation will never fully understand the message of Ganesh ji. In a sense, they will forever remain searching.
242 viewsLord Ganesh is playing with drum and dancing. On of the most hapiest forms of Lords Ganesh.
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